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Pre-Marital Counseling

Preparing for your marriage can be such an exciting and busy time, but investing in your relationship will reap tremendous benefits. Take the time and devote it to learning how to keep the love and desire alive, while addressing realistic topics you'll inevitably face while married.

Even the happiest couples hit bumps along the way and experience normal New York City stressors and relational conflict. You'll be faced with challenges and have concerns when close ones pass away, jobs change or are lost, you have children, you handle money differently, or your roles and values get challenged. These are just a few things that can be addressed or considered ahead of time and discussed in a way that helps prepare you for what life will inevitably throw your way.

It's important to know how to handle the natural ebb and flow of a relationship. Maybe there are concerns you haven't voiced, or a fight you keep having. Maybe you're unsure of how to make future decisions together. Whatever it is that's going on in the relationship, we'll learn how to address the concerns effectively. Ultimately, you'll strengthen and deepen your relationship along the way.

What I expect of you:

I expect a serious commitment from you in our work together. I expect you to be open to learning, growing, and receiving feedback that will relate directly to your role in the relationship. I expect you to try not to be defensive, to communicate when you are, and to commit to altering the behaviors that are damaging to the relationship. When these conditions are met, we have an excellent chance that the relationship will wind up in a stronger place than it's ever been in before.

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