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Child Counseling

Children are sponges that experience and soak up the world around them. Too often, we forget that what separates a child from an adult, isn't so much what they understand, but how they cope and how they express themselves. It's easy to lose track of this in New York as children go through school, family changes, and natural development. Child counseling offers your school-aged children the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment, one that is attuned to their needs and challenges.

Child counseling incorporates play therapy, games, and drawing. Your therapist will work with your child in a way that helps them express themselves while learning new methods for coping and communicating that are developmentally appropriate.

When your child participates in this counseling, it is expected that you, too, are an active member in our work together. You should be engaged in the process and demonstrate a willingness to be involved in session and receptive to feedback. Engaging your child in child counseling is not about "fixing" your child, or telling you how your child needs to be parented. Instead, it is about allowing and providing your child the space to open up and connect. New parenting skills will be learned and developed throughout the process. It takes a village to raise a child and that continues to hold true, even in New York City.

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