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Parenting can be one of the most challenging and daunting tasks you'll ever face. With so many books, videos, and articles telling you the best ways to parent, it's hard to know what actually works for you and your child. There are fears and concerns every parent has, and it's important to address the role you're stepping into. Whether you're becoming a first time parent, or adding one more to the family, learning to navigate all that is changing around you can really help strengthen your role as a parent.

Before your little one arrives, you may start to imagine what life will look like after your child is born. You may start to question yourself, your spouse, or the process in general. Being parents in the New York City culture can add a different layer of stress to your life, as you question the balance of work, relationships, self, and family.

Many questions surface for new parents: Will I be a good enough? How will my own childhood experiences impact me as a parent? Will my spouse step up to the plate? What if we don't have time for our relationship? What if I don't have time for myself? What if my body changes drastically, and my spouse no longer desires me? The questions can sometimes feel endless, but having a place in therapy to address them helps you start to create a picture of what your life will look like.

We'll address any questions or concerns you have individually or as a couple. Whether you're worried about a specific parenting challenge, or just want a space to be able to talk about your fears with your spouse, you'll have a safe space to do that. Your therapist will guide you through common areas of concern for couples who are expecting, and help you address topics that often go overlooked.

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